Success Story of Harsh

Success Story Of Harsh

Hi all! I am Harsh,  a Vashi resident, coming to K-Fit for past  9  months. It all  started when I first checked my weight in Jan 2016. I weighed flabby 95 kgs. I started playing my favourite sport , Badminton. Continued for six months and lost some weight there but then decided to go for rigorous workout. It was then that I found about K-Fit and Kaustubh sir from my friend Jugal Thakkar who had already joined there.

Though I enjoyed most of the exercises, some were quite difficult and involved a lot of muscle pain and body aches for first few days. Under supervision of Kaustubh Sir, I started working on my muscles gradually and gained muscle strength. One of my favourite exercises is burpees as it involves full body workout. I found pushups quite difficult as my upper body wasn’ t toned enough. Kaustubh sir helped me a lot there and pushed me to the limit and today I can comfortably do normal pushups and other variable forms.

Later he started giving me diet plans which I started following. Workout +diet is when results started showing.

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