Success Story Of Nukunj

Changes after joining K-Fit Improved strength/ stamina, remarkable recovery in back and hip joint (Overcame a hip joint injury and back to routine and sports activity)

Hi all! I am Nukunj,  a Vashi resident, coming to K-FiT for past 13 months. On suggestion of my friend Rupesh Sale I decided to join K-FiT interest and priority. But I was in suffering for longtime due to injury in my hip joint and lower back. I’m very grateful to say that I joined K-FiT and have been pain-free for six months and have returned to activities like jogging, long-distance running, lifting, playing tennis etc.

After seeing my doctor, I joined K-FiT and started strengthening myself under supervision of Kaushtubh sir. I was also regularly  doing stretching , pushing, pulling and joint rotation exercises  as recommended by sir. He continuously evaluated my progress every 2 to 3 weeks and gave me new set of exercises to help me further advance. The pain began to lessen.

After initial round of pain rehab and strength training I started doing a mix of cardio and functional, crossfit, weight training, kickboxing etc. Following a diet pattern here was like putting refresh button on all bad habits. I followed a healthy diet with 5 -6 nutritious meals per day divided over small gaps.

After doing 3 month’s fitness program, I feel amazing and results are lasting. I recommend to all fitness seekers- “Set yourself up with a good workout plan and make healthy choices in life.

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