Success Story – Puja Sharma

k-fit-success-story-puja-sharmaHi , I am Puja Sharma , a Vashi resident, coming to K-Fit for past 13 months..On suggestion of my friend and neighbour, I joined K-FiT in March 2016. I had restrictions in most of my joints and muscles as I was badly affected by a disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had stiffness in my neck, shoulders, wrists, legs and finger joints were unable to do my routine household cores.

I started feeling improvement within first month of joining. Kaustubh sir initially gave me very light exercises like stretching, pulling, pushing,  joint rotations, light weights etc. and gradually increased my level as he watched my improvement. By the end of one year I feel significant improvement and can do most of the exercises like a normal person that involve upper body.

My favorite exercise is kettlebell as I can do swinging effortlessly and thoroughly enjoy it though Push Ups I  find quite difficult.

I am still on the path of recovery and working on my legs  to get well completely. I also followed diet pattern given by Sir that provided me nutrition as well as helped me control the disease.

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